PointClickCare About

PointClickCare is in the front of healthcare transformation. As a result, it is critical to understand how they are making an impact. PointClickCare provides care teams with meaningful insights throughout a patient’s healthcare journey by utilizing the most comprehensive post acute data set and an all inclusive network. This method is transforming patient care.

PointClickCare Overview

PointClickCare Overview

HeadquartersMississauga, Canada
Annual Revenue$226.8 million
ServicesCloud-based healthcare software
Number of Practices SupportedOver 15,000 in the U.S.
EmployeesOver 1,500
Care Providers ServedOver 26,000

The Rise of PointClickCare CNA

But exactly what is PointClickCare CNA? This cloud based healthcare software firm, founded in 1995, serves over 15,000 practices in the United States. It currently has an excellent annual revenue of $226.8 million. Its impact is undeniably significant.

PointClickCare is a global player in healthcare technology, with headquarters in Mississauga, Canada, and operations in two other countries.

Bridging Communication Gaps

Furthermore, PointClickCare’s web based technology solution is game changing. It allows for efficient communication among patients, providers, and organizations. In an ever changing healthcare industry, PointClickCare’s dedication to assisting healthcare businesses in succeeding is steadfast.

User Friendly Technology

Meanwhile, PointClickCare provides an easy to use suite of tools and a responsive support team. The six person Wessingers team spent six months building the first version of PointClickCare.

Caregivers can use this Web based application to keep track of their patients’ medical history, diet, prescription consumption, and schedules.

A Leader in Cloud-Based Healthcare

Similarly, PointClickCare is North America’s largest cloud based healthcare platform. It is a tribute to Canada’s corporate culture, employing over 1,500 people and serving over 26,000 caregivers.

Care teams can get real time insights at each point in a patient’s healthcare journey with PointClickCare.

PointClickCare CNA Office: An Innovation Hub

PointClickCare CNA Office

PointClickCare CNA Office, for example, is a shining example of innovation. It changes the way care is delivered in thousands of skilled nursing institutions, senior living communities, and home health care organizations.

These creative solutions are used by over 26,000 organizations. PointClickCare CNA platforms, for example, provide a unified platform for improving care transitions, patient management, and network optimization.


Q1: What is PointClickCare?

Ans: PointClickCare is a major provider of cloud based healthcare software that provides comprehensive data and network solutions to improve patient care.

Q2: How many practices is PointClickCare compatible with?

Ans: Over 15,000 practices in the United States are supported by PointClickCare.

Q2: Where is the headquarters of PointClickCare?

Ans: PointClickCare is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Q4: What services does PointClickCare provide?

Ans: PointClickCare provides web based technology solutions that facilitate effective communication between patients, clinicians, and organizations, as well as a suite of patient care management tools.