PointClickCare CNA Mobile App

The PointClickCare CNA Mobile App has developed as an important tool for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in the field of healthcare, particularly in long term care facilities. This program improves efficiency and accuracy by streamlining many areas of patient care and documentation.

PointClickCare CNA Mobile App

Overview of PointClickCare CNA Mobile App

The PointClickCare mobile app is designed to give CNAs quick and easy access to critical workflows from their smartphones or tablets. This convenience is critical in today’s fast paced healthcare contexts, where mobility and prompt information availability are critical.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The app allows CNAs to access resident information and documentation from anywhere, reducing the dependency on stationary workstations​​.
  • Intuitive Documentation: It offers intuitive forms for quick charting at the point of care, ensuring accuracy and speed​​.
  • Real time Alerts: CNAs can receive urgent alerts and notifications, crucial for timely responses in care environments​​.
  • Offline Functionality: The app supports offline usage with automatic syncing when connectivity resumes, ensuring continuous operation​​.
  • Integrated Tools: Features like barcode scanning for resident identification and GPS tracking for attendance ensure comprehensive care management​.

Additional Apps and Services

PointClickCare CNA App
  • PointClickCare Care at Home App: Specifically designed for home care providers, this app allows efficient planning and documentation of home care services​​.
  • PointClickCare Point of Care App: A solution for front line clinicians, facilitating seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) for bedside documentation​​.
  • Companion App: Aids in managing living communities for seniors and nursing facilities, streamlining the delivery and documentation of medical services and medications​


The PointClickCare CNA Mobile App, in conjunction with its suite of other apps and services, marks a significant step forward in the digitization of healthcare processes, particularly in long term care settings. Facilities that employ these solutions might expect increases in efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of care delivery.

FAQs on PointClickCare CNA Mobile App

How to Download and Install?


  • iPhone Users: Get it from the Apple App Store.
  • Android Users: Download from Google Play Store.
  • Search for “PointClickCare CNA”.
  • The app is free but requires a valid CNA login.
  • Ensure to install the latest version.
  • For detailed instructions, visit the official download guide​​.

Key Features?


  • Access resident profiles, care plans, and charts.
  • Document ADLs, vitals, and more.
  • Communication tools for team interaction.
  • Task and reminder management.
  • Clock in/out with geofencing.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Secure login with biometric or pin code.