PointClickCare Customer Service

PointClickCare, a well known company in healthcare technology, specializes at complete customer service. Their services, which are aimed at the healthcare industry, help to improve patient care and management. Their support system is intended to help healthcare professionals get the most out of PointClickCare platform.

They ensure users obtain timely and efficient assistance by providing alternatives such as immediate case logging, various contact channels, and dedicated client advocate calls. This assistance is essential in a field where technology has a direct impact on patient outcomes and operational efficiency. PointClickCare contributes significantly to the improvement of healthcare service quality by emphasizing customer service.

TypeContact Information
Phone Number+1 905 858 8885
Toll-Free Number+1 800 277 5889
Fax+1 905 858 2248

Customer Support Services

PointClickCare provides various customer support services, including a help center and support case logging.

PointClickCare Customer Service

Contact Methods

Customers have multiple ways to contact PointClickCare:

  • Phone Support: PointClickCare offers phone support where live techs are available during specific hours. They also provide emergency help available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Email Support: Customers can email their queries for a prompt response.
  • Fax Support: For visual problems, such as issues with form letters or reports, faxing is an option.

The customer service is geared towards immediate problem solving, often resolving issues during the first call or email. If not, a support ticket is opened and tracked until completion​​.

PointClickCare Phone Numbers and Emails

Toll-Free Number:
(800) 277-5889

Customer Service:
(877) 722-2431
+1 905 858 8885

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PointClickCare’s customer service is a vital part of their operation, providing immediate assistance, various contact methods, and ongoing support. Their commitment to effective communication and problem resolution is evident in their comprehensive support system.